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The balancer system was changed some for the 2008. In my opinion, they didn't get it right. The new spring is too long, at 46mm and change. The new lever is looser than it should be on the eccentric idler shaft, too. At least the lever is no longer a weldment, instead being made of one piece of material. The spring length means the system won't adjust early in the life of the engine. This can contribute to increased noise and vibration. Here is a pic of the stock spring in a bike with 327 miles on it. You can see that when the spring is stretched over the locating pin in the case it will be out of tension.

Here you can see the new factory lever. It's a little difficult to see from this angle, but the lever is already at over fifty percent of it's adjustment range.

Here's a shot of the odometer at the time this was done.

You can see the improved instruments in this pic, too. The reset on the trip meter is now just a one push operation.


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