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2008 discussion
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2008 page 2

Since there's been so much discussion about the 2008 KLR650, we'll show a few detail shots, along with a little commentary.

Here's a shot of the left side of the bike looking forward with the tank and shrouds removed. You can see the radiator is longer top to bottom. It's also thinner front to back. This seems to cool better than the older stock system. The outside is actually attached to the shroud. It might be that a left side hit would also damage the radiator.

You can see the attach points at the top and bottom for the shroud.

Here is a shot of the right side. In this view you can see the vacuum  pump for the air injection system in the lower right hand corner. This is new to the 2008 model. Emissions control..... You can also see the new location for the regulator/rectifier.



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