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On Oct 6, 2008 Cary Aspy (KLRCary) was struck by an SUV on his way home from a weekend ride. Cary did not survive the collision. Cary was a close friend. He had contributed a great deal to the KLR community. Cary was very generous with his time and knowledge. He was very professional. He always took the time to do things right, and make things right. Cary had been the service manager at Schnitz Racing in Decatur, Indiana for quite some time. Cary developed many wonderful innovations for the KLR650. Some of them included the 685 and 705 big bore kits. He also developed a way of modifying the cylinder heads for increased performance.  He did this in a way that improved the entire powerband, not just the top end power. Cary always appreciated what the KLR is, and didn't try to make it temperamental and unreliable.

I don't have words to express my feelings of loss with Cary's death. He was a true friend, a true gentleman, and always "went about doing good."

At the time this is written, it's possible to go to the Schnitz Racing site and make a donation in Cary's name. The funds will be sent to a local school in his memory.

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