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Why should I come?
Why should I come? schedule what you can fix what to bring


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Most Important - We have fun! (and it's free, too)

You get to meet other KLR650 riders, and compare notes - and bikes.

Help and tools are available to attendees of the tech day - free of charge.

There are usually at least 4 lifts for use; 2 full size table lifts, and 2 of the smaller motorcycle/atv lifts. Sometimes we have 4 of the smaller lifts.

We have tools available, too, including torque wrenches, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and a couple of really big hammers for when you must have one.

Advice is almost always at your elbow - BUT - it's up to you to decide if it's good or not. This isn't a commercial operation, you're doing the work (or supervising the work) on your bike, and the hosts and helpers and other attendees assume NO LIABILITY - OK? If you are uncomfortable with that, just come, hang out, watch, and learn......We always want you to be as safe as possible.

We usually have oil, filters, valve shims, balancer levers and spring kits, gaskets, and a few other commonly used parts there. If you think you might be needing some of these, it's very smart to call ahead, and make sure what you need will be there. (Parts aren't free - 'cause they cost us $$)

If you enjoy the food, or anything else, your contribution to the "next tech day fund" is appreciated - but not required.


When we get started, etc

what you can fix

What we've tackled before.....the rest is up to you....

what to bring

What should I bring to the Tech Day..........


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