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What you can fix on your KLR650 depends a lot on what you are willing to tackle.* Here's a list of what we've done before (it may be incomplete, as I'm relying on memory here)

Balancer lever (aka doohickey) upgrade

Valve adjustments

Upgrade early model split balancer sprockets to late model solid sprockets

Safety switch bypass for reliability (clutch and/or sidestand)

Oil and filter change

Adjust steering head bearings, and torque triple tree clamp bolts

Change tires and tubes

Lube swingarm and rear suspension parts

Carb fix/adjustments

Brake pad replacement

Steel braided brake line installation

Aftermarket handguard installation

Right side engine case and oil screen cleanout

Fork spring, spacer, seals, and fluid replacement

Drive chain and sprocket replacement

Many times the above tasks need parts and/or special tools. The special tools are usually here, but it helps if we know ahead of time that you will need them.

I try to have the commonly used parts such as gaskets, rotor bolts, and balancer lever kits on hand. If you are going to need chain, sprockets, tires or tubes you need to bring them or ship them ahead. If you ship them ahead you need to let us know they are coming. I'm often able to get other parts, but it's easier for you to get them if you need special stuff. If you are changing tires, remember to take the old ones home with you.

You should choose (at the most) a few things, and not overload your first tech day.

*It's important to remember that this is a service to the KLR community. Our intent is to provide a place for people to meet, share, help each other, and learn how to work on the KLR. Once in a while I get a list from an aggressive person telling me what he's going to do here... On the other hand, usually I get a list asking what's possible, and what priorities should be put on the list. This second way is much more pleasant.....


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