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Super KLR Project
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Super KLR Project page 2

I didn't really plan to buy this KLR650. A friend here in San Diego bought this bike, and then realized it wasn't to how liking for extended 2-up runs, especially on the slab. He offered it to me at a very nice price. Since it was my favorite color, and I knew it was in perfect shape, I bought it. A few months later the 2008 model was released, but that's a different story.


I'll just throw a few pictures up for now, and add details as time goes on. There's still a few things left to do before it's totally finished. It's a great bike right now for commuting. That's what I set it up for, although you can probably tell.

Some of the best things in this bike are not visible, like the 703 piston and big valve stage 2 head. The bike still has the stock pipe in these pictures but that may change. Extensive testing has been done to get the jetting pretty much spot-on. Jetting tests and what they revealed will be covered in separate article.

The case on the back is a Pelican 1500. It doesn't seem as large in actual use as in the picture here.



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