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Why should I come?
what you can fix
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General Information to familiarize you with the Julian KLR650 Tech Days. Click on the links below to get a more detailed look at what happens, what to expect, etc.....We've had as few as 6 riders, and as many as 65 show up. Riders/owners of any make and model motorcycle are welcome to attend, but we focus on the Kawasaki KLR650. Tech Days are held rain or shine.

Reservations are now required unless you are a helper/tech day guru.

Tech days are all about helping each other learn how to maintain, repair, and upgrade the KLR650. We've been hosting these for more than 8 years. Many riders have benefited from the Tech Days, including travelers from Omaha, Las Vegas, Flagstaff (and other Az locations).

We've even traveled to the Santa Rosa, Ca, area to assist there, and Sierra Vista, Az. Other Tech Day trips are in the works.


When we get started, etc

what you can fix

What we've tackled before.....the rest is up to you....

what to bring

What should I bring to the Tech Day..........

Rules for Happiness at the Tech Day:

Bring a sense of humor.

No attitudes - leave them at home, work, or down the road.

No political discussion - see previous.......

No commercial sales without permission from Buddy, Mark, and Mike.

Pass the good karma on..........


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